Fundamentals of Upholstery

There is something for everyone in this book and video combo, whether you are a complete beginner learning the building blocks of Upholstery, or a seasoned veteran looking to improve in areas where it matters most.

Complete beginners will find everything they need to establish the skills necessary to go from upholstering their first piece of furniture to tackling more difficult pieces. more importantly, they will establish a base of knowledge to build on so as they learn new skills they will be able to understand not only how they are done, but even more importantly, why that technique is applied.

More advanced learners will find important building blocks they weren’t aware they were missing to help boost their foundational knowledge. They can also gain insight into fundamentals they are maybe not as skilled at or even just revisit important subject matter to strengthen their technique and overall competency.

The great thing about this kit is that the information included can be applied to any project!  We also know that some of you may want to follow along with the Ottoman in the video, so the information on how to order that ottoman and supplies are included with the purchase. These suppliers are the same ones i have used for many years here at Upholstery on Broadway.