Broadway Upholstery Online Class – The Tub Chair


In this class you get:

  • 9 Weeks of upholstery training.
  • 9 videos to learn from, each 2 hours long, totaling 18 hours!!
  • Unrestricted access to the members of Broadway Upholstery school to ask any questions you like in the comment section.
  • Lifetime access to the class you registered for, which means you can revisit the videos anytime you like, forever.
  • Watch Kevin teach a volunteer student firsthand while you follow along at home.
  • Training the top upholstery specialist on the web. As shown by Google.


Upholstery On Broadway Brings you an upholstery class taught by the master himself, Kevin Kennedy. This class was created to provide a structured learning environment where users can watch the videos and follow along at home on their own while learning techniques and methods. The commenting system available for classmates to interact with their teachers here provides a better option than the chaotic message boards at YouTube. If a student has a question for the teacher all they have to do is ask it in the comments section and either Kevin himself or someone else will provide you with an answer.

If you have any questions about the class before you sign up head over to the contact page and reach out to Upholstery On Broadway.

Join Broadway Upholstery and the Master Upholstery specialist Kevin Kennedy as he teaches his apprentice, JImmy, restoration techniques on a Tub Chair.


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