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The team at Broadway Upholstery School, led by Kevin Kennedy, are masters at their craft. Kevin himself has over 40+ years of experience in the industry and has a passion for teaching to participants. With dozens of short videos posted on YouTube and a massive following, Broadway Upholstery School is excited to take the next step and bring you online classes.  These online upholstery classes are where participants can learn the methods and skills needed to become a true upholstery specialist.

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Since 2011, we have hosted one of the most popular upholstery DIY/ How-to channels on Youtube! With almost a million views and 7100+ subscribers and counting!




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Do you have any questions for Kevin Kennedy and crew, at Upholstery On Broadway, about their online classes or perhaps their business? Please feel free to reach out to them through the contact page.

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Upholstery for Everything

The Broadway Upholstery school was created so that we can provide a more structured learning environment compaired to Youtube. Where we can teach you upholstery techniques from start to finish while we respond to your questions and  comments about each lesson.




Upholstery On Broadway

Upholstery On Broadway is the pique of professionalism and Kevin Kennedy has a unique skill at breaking down complex subjects and explaining them so people understand what is being taught.

These classes have it all, there’s plenty to cover for people of all skill levels. Hours of visual guides that cover a lot of material from beginners, to intermediates, and more advanced professionals.

Refreshers for pro’s that serve as foundational knowledge for beginners. Step by step guides that teach intermediates advanced methodology, and tips and tricks to make peices look more professional. Whether you are an experienced or just starting to pick it up and want professional help there is something for everyone.

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